About Us

A project with a singular philosophy

Originality infuses our project; from the natural fibres to our exquisite textiles, handwoven in Barcelona. Our weavers are exceptional, our know-how unique, and our fibres are unrivalled.

Since 1983, our driving force has been the social integration of persons with learning difficulties. In our workshop, our weavers embrace their talent on wooden looms, following an entirely manual process. Each day, our team breathes new life into cashmere and linen threads.

We source the highest quality raw materials, like ecological cashmere from a cooperative in Mongolia and ecological Merino wool from a small farm in Provence.

With an elegant, essential aesthetic, our collection is timeless and respectful of nature. Each unique product evokes the hands of our weavers, our soul – a project with a singular philosophy.

©2020 Teixidors 
Teixidors is part of the non-profit, Fundació Privada President Amat Roumens (Terrassa, Barcelona)


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