At TEIXIDORS, we work every day to find natural fibers that add special value to our products. Within our possibilities, we select the materials we use to weave our cloth, enabling us to enrich our products from the very essence of the fiber. TEIXIDORS works with the highest quality fibers, such as ecological Merino Wool,Cashmere, Linen, Silk and Mongolian Yak.
A textile fibre with countless virtues and a history of millennia.

It is probably the material with which TEIXIDORS works with the greatest affinity.

This is due to the textile tradition of the country and that of the city of Terrassa and its versatile capacity to adapt throughout the different processes in the textile craft with a wide range of results.

The collaboration with Maco Merinos empowers the affinity of TEIXIDORS with this material, incorporating a soft wool of the highest quality with the values of proximity, traceability and sustainability from the birth of the sheep to the commercialization of the piece.