"Each textile has a life of its own and stirs different sensations in each of us." Nuria Bitria, creative director Teixidors.

Natural Materials

We achieve the perfect balance in each fabric structure thanks to our experience and investigation into the finest natural fibres. Each one of Teixidors’ products is woven by hand, taking into account the characteristics and singularities of each material, so as to achieve an equally delicate and surprising result.

Ecological Merino Wool from Provence, France

Our Merino wool comes from a farm in Provence, France and is the basis of our organic collection. Mixing the grey and brown wool from the same breed of sheep, our designs enhance the natural nuances of the fibre, which are intensified by the colourful edges achieved through locally sourced vegetable dye.

(Scarves: Gobi. Shawls: Gobi. Plaids: Tile, Criss-Cross, Temps, Time, Zeit, Sisteron, Apt, Gobi, Provence. Bed blankets: Thor. Cushions: Tile, Temps, Time, Sisteron, Gobi. Puff: Zabu Thor.)

European linen with traceability

European flax is a plant fibre that is present in Teixidors’ collections thanks, among other things, to its regulating properties in humid environments and endless possibilities on the loom. In our designs, we seek its essence through simple textures and finishes in the form of cushions, plaids, bedspreads and fabrics for curtains.

(Plaids: D’Abord, Abans, Semper. Cushions: D’Abord, Abans, Sempre)

Sustainable hand combed baby yak wool

Our yak fibre comes from a cooperative of nomadic cattlemen in the Arkhangai mountains in Mongolia. It’s a project originally supported by Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders (AVSF) to restore the traditional and sustainable grazing of these animals that make up the basis of the domestic and local economy. The youngest animals are hand combed to obtain the very fine interior fibres that we blend with organic Merino wool to weave in our workshop.

(Scarves: Gobi. Shawls: Gobi. Plaids: Tile, Criss-Cross 3, Gobi. Cushions: Tile.)

Sustainable cashmere

Cashmere is the most valued of fibres and global demand has generated situations of over-exploitation. Mindful of this, at Teixidors we support a Mongolian livestock cooperative that guarantees respectful care of the animals, environment, and processes when harvesting the cashmere. In our textiles, we explore mixtures with other noble fibres to elaborate extraordinarily light and soft structures, giving value to each gram of this excellent quality fibre.

(Plaids: Gray Nebula, Novelty, Novelty)

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